Saturday, June 20, 2009

David Herman Resigns as District Deputy to The Grandmaster:

"After hearing these charges read in my lodge, I thought about it for a full day, then called the Grand Master and resigned. As a District Deputy, I must be the Grand Master's representative; nothing more and nothing less. Yet, as a Freemason, I could not sit on the sideline and be a passive witness to these events. I resigned so that I might stand with my Brethren. That decision was easy - in fact, I had no choice at all if I was to live up to the teachings of all those Masonic lectures I've given and heard over the years."

Gate City II is an Atlanta Masonic Lodge. We are Free and Accepted Masons working under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia. We meet at the Atlanta Masonic Center (formerly The Atlanta Masonic Temple) 1690 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309


J.Luis CastaƱeda said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the brothers of your lodge.
You gentlemen underscore the qualities that drew me to join the craft in the first place.

Charles E. Martin said...

What is the purpose for this resignation? What is the "backstory"? I received this link, but I do not know what it is all about.

Angel said...

I feel that I agree; With, the idea that anyone who chooses the path of racism, a path of hate, and has already abandoned the path of Freemasonry. May the Force/Divine be with you, always.

The K.N.O. said...

You represent well the fraternity, Brother Herman.

Regulus Lodge (Traingle President) said...
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Regulus Lodge (Grand Orient USA) said...

Brother David.. You have support from all the Brothers here and abroad. Stand up for what you know is right and don't let anyone take your honor away from you. You exemplify what Freemasonry is all about, not these bigoted racist.

Lonnie said...

WB David I totally stand behind your decission. You do our lodge proud....

Mark said...

You have our Support here in NYC.
There is no place for racism in Freemasonry. Out thoughts and prayers are with you all.

mistagilmo said...

I applaud with the highest respect to DDGM Herman and the brothers who have taken a stand for tenets of Freemasonry.
WM Bernard Jenkins, Port Royal Scott Lodge No. 591, F&AM MWPHGL Jurisdiction of Georgia

Square said...

We applaude all actions of just Masonry and Masons. Keepimg ourselves in due bounds with all mankind and more especially among the household of the faithful, has allowed Freemasonry to thrive. Travel Well DDGM Herman.
WM. Marlon Maiden, Silver leaf Lodge No. 457, operating under the MWPHGL of Georgia jurisdiction

Kirk McLeroy said...

Masonry hasn't changed since it's inception it has evolved over time due to the advancement of mankind.

Membership has changed due to the education of mankind.

If freemasonry is a progressive science and the mysteries are obtainable by points, then let's progress together brothers and ultimately we will obtain all the points.

Educate the ignorant and the future will be prosperous.

Kirk McLeroy, PM
Dual Member - GW #20,Dawson #68
York Rite
Eastern Star

Robert M. said...

Reading back through this blog I can tell that Gate City II is a lodge that I'd be proud to join were I residing in Atlanta. Nothing noble was ever achieved without struggle. Best of luck to you, brethren.

timdarnell said...

In July 2003, I penned an unsolicited article for the Masonic Messenger, the official publication of the Grand Lodge of Georgia. It was entitled, "What Will Freemasonry Offer My Son?"

Basically, it was about a half- page article filled with my own personal ruminations about whether the organization (will survive long enough for my now-six-year-old son to join and enjoy.

Here are some of the questions I asked:

"Will we ever welcome men of color into our lodge rooms, or will we hold true to ancient prejudices, bigotries and intolerances that have no room in the Masonic conscience whatsoever?;

"Will we at last choose forward, progressive thinking Grand Lodge officers, or will this line of dedicated and selfless Masonic devotees continue adhering to cobwebbed philosophies of the past that would crack and fracture into dust if shown the light of day?;"

And, "In a fraternity so obsessed with antiquated rituals of the past and so intolerant of the future, who will ensure that our lodges survive for our sons? Or will anyone even care to do so?"

I've been in journalism for more than 20 years, and I've lost count of the numbers of articles I've written and where they've appeared. But I can say no sense of uncertainty that nothing I've ever written or had published generated such an overwhelming response.

Numerous letters to the editor were published in the Masonic Messenger, with statements such as "[The author] is not considered a Brother by our Brethren and would never be allowed to sit in our Lodge..."

"If it is left up to people like [the author] then Freemasonry will have NOTHING to offer the next generation."

And "The MAJORITY of Masons in Georgia do not live in Atlanta, DC, and one thing is for certain, if the DEMENTED views of this individual were ever put in place in the Grand Lodge of Georgia, many, many Lodges will CLOSE!"

As a writer, you always want to hit a nerve, and it seems I certainly did so with this piece that appeared in the July 2003 edition of the Messenger. Today, one of the issues I raised back then has come to a head, and the financial future of our organization rests in the balance.

I've met the brother at the center of this issue; indeed, I've sat in lodge with him, and am proud to have him join our organization. I also respect our own W. Bro. David Herman, who resigned his position as district deputy to the Grand Master in order to lend his support to Gate City Lodge's brethren in their effort to revitalize their lodge, and our fraternity as a whole.

But now the courts - and the media - is involved in this issue, we have allowed our own institutional racism to seriously jeopardize our survival. Every political scientist and researcher, with any reputation for inpartiality whatsoever, will tell you that the current electoral majority which elected this administration into power, isn't going to fade away. Indeed, this demographic may likely rule the nation's political scene for countless generations to come. If that's true, our organization is facing a national government that will remain desperate for funds to enable more and more social programs, entitlements and reparations.

In 1314, the Knights Templars were destroyed by a national government similarly desperate for money in order to finance its own goals and aspirations. Unless we, as Masons, make this issue right and proper, history is bound to repeat itself.

Tim Darnell
Past Master, Chamblee Lodge # 444 F&AM
32nd degree Scottish Rite
DeMolay Legion of Honor

wesleywatts02 said...
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wesleywatts02 said...

I am saddened that this could not be resolved within the fraternity. I believe that had the trial proceed it would have produced healthy debate and the ultimate outcome would have been a positive one. I believe a great opportunity to educate has been lost here. I think the negative attention is going to have long lasting effects on the fraternity and its charitable endeavors. Surely this could have been resolved within our own ranks.

Michael A. Williams, Sr said...

I agree with Wesleywatts. However, I am PROUD to be anewly raised mason here in Ohio that can and does consider your lodge to be a lodge of Brothers.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

This may drive more racists to the Temple doors if it seems that Freemasonry welcomes this behavior.

It can viewed two ways.
Progressive thinking open minded men will stay away, and small minded racists will feel they have a home and get more to join so their vote will always be the majority.

Chas. D said...

As a new master mason with just under two months in the craft you make me proud to be a mason. I am saddened by the adversity that your lodge is facing and will include you in my prayers and daily thoughts.

SirKnight of York said...

I can't say I don't believe what I just read, what I will say is......... Where there's darkness (mentally blind) there's light (truth and understanding) will prevail my brothers. Once, in a while we come across this again and again...... It's not going to go away unfortunately. It's a shame but we ( as a fraternity) are killing ourselves.

PM Willie E. Bowman
King Solomon Lodge #15