Sunday, July 12, 2009

Charge Yourself!!!

Many well intentioned Brethren have deluged members of Gate City II with offers of preferring charges against Brothers Hicks, Etheridge and Tyroff for Masonic crimes.

Don't go charging anyone...other than yourself. Charge yourself to be a better man. Charge yourself with falling short of the glory of the Grand Architect and then do something about it. Use that energy and zeal for the betterment of the Craft.

So Mote It Be.

Gate City II is an Atlanta Masonic Lodge. We are Free and Accepted Masons working under the jurisdiction of The Grand Lodge of Georgia. We meet at the Atlanta Masonic Center (formerly The Atlanta Masonic Temple) 1690 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30309


Terence said...

So mote it be!

Michael A. Williams, Sr said...

Thank you for setting such a high standard. So mote it be.

Wolfgang said...

I agree with your statement. As the former Secretary of Philologia Lodge 178, I can tell you that they have broken the rules of Masonry more times than Bill Clinton has had affairs. I will never darken the doorway of that Lodge ever again. This is again a sad day for Masonry and Philologia is once again casting dark shadows.

Anonymous said...

So mote it be! We all should strive to better ourselves, and the craft. I'm a member of Senoia Lodge#82 F&AM working under the Jurisdiction of the Grandlodge of Georgia, Macon. I'm glad to see that a worthy Brother was raised, and joined us without reguards to skin color.